Sydney's Buyers Agency

What if we told you, you never had to waste your precious time searching for suitable listings online? That we could gain entry into properties which aren’t available to the general public to inspect, and you no longer had to take time away from your family to research houses and suburbs? What if we also told you, your days of speaking on the phone with real estate agents were over? 

This is what awaits you when you engage One Buyers Agency. We’re proud to provide access to off-market properties, personable, yet professional service, as well as save you time and money as we search for your ultimate dream home or investment property.

Exclusively Assured

Exclusivity means never having overlapping clients and avoids a conflict of interest. Exclusivity also equals adding a personal touch. We’re guiding, educating and always willing to go the extra mile. Exclusivity also ensures we have unprecedented access to off-market properties, which you simply won’t get in to see without engaging a buyers agent. Most of all, exclusivity ensures we continue to offer an elite level of service to you, our valued clients.

Area Expertise

One Buyers Agency aspire to be the number one choice as buyers agents in our local area.  Not only are we area experts, but we offer in-depth familiarity with the current state of the property market, affording you peace of mind during the property search and purchase process. Furthermore, our area expertise extends to having strong relationships with local agents, meaning we have early access to properties, before they hit the open market.

Quality, Not Quantity

Unlike other buyers agents, we adhere to quality over quantity. This is why we only take on limited clients, to ensure an unrivalled customer service experience. 

Unrivalled Reputation

In real estate, trust and reputation are sacred. That’s why we will never push you into making a decision. We’re here to hold your hand every step of the way in the property purchase process, to make this a successful and stress-free experience. Our ultimate goal is to be your property buyers agent for life. It’s not just for the now; it’s for every transition you make in the future.

Tailored Approach

Every single client receives a customised experience, specific to who they are, what they want and what their brief is. No two clients are the same, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach with One Buyers Agency. All clients have a plan personalised to meet their needs.

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