all for one

  • One focus. You.
  • One goal. Securing the right house.
  • One team. We support each other like family.
  • One step ahead. Of the crowd and the market.

Welcome to One Buyers Agency.
Let’s get to know each other.

Our focus is you.

Our goal is to secure the right house for you. We’re one team and we support each other like family. Always one step in front, together we put you ahead of the crowd and the market.

Buying a house is a big deal

We understand the frustration of missing out on your dream property. Again.

We see the enormous drain house hunting is on your time, energy and emotions. We know the industry games and tail chasing because we’ve been local agents for 70 combined years.

When we work with you to find the right property, you’re part of our family. We pour the same love and care into buying your home as we do our own.

Best buyers agent in the Eastern Suburbs

Founded by sibling duo Carli Skurnik and Jayden Hurvitz, we’re an astute team of eastern suburbs buyer’s agents here to secure you the right home.

The one you can’t stop thinking about. It speaks to your inner self and will change your life.

We put you ahead of the crowd by securing
the right house for you.

The Eastern Suburbs property market is cut throat. Without a buyer’s agent by your side, you’ll miss out on the house that’s got your name on it. Filtering out all the houses that don’t cut it, we unlock doors to properties that haven’t even made it to market yet.

Tapping into our local insights and relationships, we listen to you and look for you. Communication and integrity guide all our actions. We’ve even been known to walk away from a deal for a house that just wasn’t right.

With us, ego stays at the door. What enters is absolute determination to help you buy the house that’s right for you. Ready to be first in line and get the pick of the Eastern Suburbs?