Over the house market
hustle? We feel you.

As Sydney property buyer’s agents,
we carve out a path for you.

Stride past the pack, get direct access to pre-market properties
and have all your home buying needs handled with ease.

Other services

Auction Bidding

Go into bidding battle with us as your secret weapon. Focused, confident and experienced, we’re savvy auction strategists ready to take on other buyers and agents.

Our trusted auction tactics are grounded in bulletproof market knowledge that buyers going it alone just can’t beat. We remove the nerves, stress and risk of overpaying, following an agreed plan that gives you the best chance of success and all the power of a skilled bidder.

Appraisal and Negotiation

You’ve found the home and you’re ready to press play on the purchase. But first, you want a second opinion from a trusted, transparent expert and someone to nail the negotiation for you.

We can give you a buyer’s edge with:

  • Unrivalled eastern suburbs property acumen
  • Detailed, data-based advice so you can make decisions confidently
  • Enduring relationships with local estate agents and an understanding of how they work means we’re well placed to out-negotiate them
  • Exceptional negotiation know-how that’s single-minded about delivering results

Development Opportunities

Opportunities are out there, if you look. But if you don’t have the time, knowhow or resources to do it alone, we can help.

We locate, research and screen potential development sites for you. Harnessing our broad database, we’re able to give you access to untapped off-market opportunities that meet target rates of return.

Our relationships with building contractors, architects and complementary industries allow us to uncover development sites from apartments to townhouses, waterfront abodes and more.


Buying a property to subdivide can be a smart way to quickly maximise profit. It’s a complex process we can navigate for you.

We have a clear understanding of strict government regulations, compliance and the sub division process. We take care of all the research and due diligence for you, including dealing with real estate agents, council planners, town planners and engineering consultants.

Guiding you through each step, we save you money, time and stress so you can capitalise on your investment faster.

Property Management

Your investment property is a vital part of your portfolio so it deserves the treatment and tenants to match.

When you appoint us as your property managers, we care for your investment as our own.

Our property management extends from post-acquisition renovation advice to securing tenants, regular property inspections and maintenance.

Transparency is key to the ongoing success of your investment. That’s why we always keep you and your tenants in the loop, maintaining your property with integrity and vision.