Grant Levy

Results driven and highly professional, Grant Levy thrives on helping property buyers secure the best investment or home of their dreams at the right price. A self-motivated entrepreneur and an expert in sales and negotiation, he also offers his valued clients a thorough understanding of local and national real estate trends.

Life has propelled Grant from a childhood in South Africa to eventually building, owning and running multiple successful businesses here in Australia – and he owes his momentum to developing strong relationships through transparency and trust, delivering results and a positive mindset. Today, with his elite skills, his style echoes that of a personal property broker – where a simple call can result in a tailored plan to meet your individual needs, and all with an expert hand and no-fuss attitude.

Grant always remains focused on the right results with his clients’ interests firmly in mind. He has established a solid reputation for his highly personalized service and committed approach to delivering quality outcomes.

Grant’s access to a wide network of agencies, off-market properties and proactive style will leave no stone upturned in pursuit of the best opportunity, whether it be commercial or residential.

The love of the real estate market and passion for people is what drives Grant’s honest approach to forging meaningful long-term client relationships.

Contact him today on 0405 589 287 or Email at