Martine Harvey

Martine is an absolute go getter who loves the fast paced nature of real estate.

With family already involved in real estate development, a move into this industry back in 2012 was a no brainier for Martine. In fact, she also treats her clients as if they are her family so you can feel confident you’re going to receive first class service from this savvy property advocate.

Not one to be daunted by the fact people rely on her to secure the biggest purchase of their lives, Martine instead looks at this role at being the ultimate matchmaker. And there is still nothing that beats the blissful feeling of satisfaction which comes from seeing the look of excitement on a client’s face when she pulls together a successful purchase.

Combined with her love of interiors and architecture, as well as the fast paced and social side of being a buyer’s agent, Martine also loves to travel. This has helped her develops keen eye for what makes a property just a little bit extra special and is why those who entrust her with the task of finding the perfect property will have a proactive, passionate and informed buyer’s agent on their side. Contact her today to discuss your potential property requirements: 0413 807 344 or via                                      Instagram @martineharvey_buyersagent