“We sold our house in July 2020. With cash in hand, we looked forward to purchasing a nice place to live in Bondi. Little did we know what we were up against. With low stocks, low interest rates and a competitive price range, we either found the house we wanted but they were beyond our budget or found lower quality properties within our budget. To make it even more depressing, the properties we did not want were being snapped up quickly as well.   The more we looked, the less choices there seemed out there.

Over the course of meeting real estate agents, the term “buyers agent” kept coming up.

Finally, not seeing any more available properties that suited us,  out of options ( and low on energy) as well as watching property prices around Bondi move up, we started looking into Buyers Agents.

We interviewed four. Three out of four appeared outstanding. It was a difficult choice because all three seemed well qualified.

In the end we chose  Carli and Clare because we felt they were qualified, experienced and had that “we are going to make it happen” energy.

Carli and Clare complemented each other. We could tell they worked well as a team.  After signing with them, they set up a whatssapp chat group where they showed us a few properties.  This was a useful process because it helped clarify what we liked, what was actually a priority and what was not. Some properties we liked were pulled out of the market or turned out to be out of our budget. Then they showed us a property that was not in any property website. Not exactly in our brief but worked for us due to its good condition, location to school and public transportation, on  a quiet street.

We inspected it, liked it and gave the green light for Carli and Clare to negotiate on our behalf. I believe this was week 2 of signing up with them. The property was ready to be lived in but we wanted to add more rooms upstairs. Clare arranged to have a builder come in for advice. The  girls also did their due diligence on whether it was a good location and checked that there no adverse development was happening in that area.  They also gave us a report on the prices of similar properties sold in that area.  At the time, another party was also interested in the property and had made an offer. Carli or Clare kept us up to date on the negotiation. They also did not push us to buy. They showed us one other property whilst we were negotiating.  To cut an already long story short, they helped us secure the property within the second week of signing with them.

(For a price we were happy with). Recently, we had friends who knew the Bondi property market well, told us we got a good deal.

In summary, we thought having Carli and Clare gave us an edge in this competitive property market condition. For us, it was well worth what we paid them. Thanks Carli, Clare and the team. J.K & E.X”