It is our pleasure to give this testimonial. Jayden, Georgie & Will have provided a very professional service with great charm and humour. We gave our parameters when we first me Jayden, and as we set on our journey for a new home, we added to our parameters, changed them and even removed some. Despite all these changes Jayden Georgie and Will continued to provide their wonderful service. With each house we saw we were given a history, an estimate of the price (in contrast to the price guides given by the selling agent which were always under the real value) and answers to any of our questions we asked, sometimes after Jayden sought advice from his stable of experts. When the time arrived to negotiate the price Jayden’s assistance resulted in us purchasing our new home at an excellent price prior to auction. We heartily recommend the service provided by Jayden, Georgie & Will and we are sure you will not be disappointed.