“We had a fantastic experience with Grant and Jayden from One Buyers Agency. They helped us navigate a tough market and got us the property we wanted within a few weeks of engagement. They were always professional, never pushy. It’s clear they worked hard for us and their other clients – the team was available at all hours of the day and weekend to answer questions, exchange ideas, etc.

Grant and Jayden spent a lot of time at the intake process, working out exactly what we wanted. Through viewings they helped us refine our thinking. For example, working through the impact of particular layouts on our growing family, resale value, future expansion and the like.

Their close relationship with the selling agents was clear throughout our engagement. I think that is ultimately what got our deal done – along with the agility to do good due diligence, review docs and bid in a compressed time-frame on a Sunday!

I recommend their services for anyone who is looking for a place without reservation. R.M”