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Carli Skurnik

When it comes to possessing both a deep connection with clients and a wealth of real estate knowledge, few rival Carli Skurnik. Backed by an 18-year career and a proven track record in both residential sales and buyers advocacy, it’s her mission to purchase the perfect property at the right price.

A tenacious negotiator, who prides herself on putting her client’s needs first and being extremely hands-on in every step of the process, she only ever works with a limited number of buyers at a time. It’s important to her that they know they are her number ONE priority.

This eastern suburb specialist also has the added advantage of knowing the complexities of how a real estate agent’s mind works. She’s on the front foot, and better yet, because she’s maintained solid relationships with every local agent, Carli is often granted early access to properties, long before they hit the open market.

As someone heavily involved with children’s charities, it’s humbling to Carli to help families realise their property dreams. The gift of seeing a look of gratitude wash over a client’s face when you tell them the deal is done is priceless, and it’s what continues to drive this authentic and award-winning buyer’s agent.


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Jayden Hurvitz

Jayden Hurvitz is a property powerhouse who simply will not rest until he has found you your perfect home or investment property. After successfully running large scale start-ups in New York, as well as being heavily involved in a number of acquisitions and overseeing thriving multi-million dollar organisations, this detail-oriented, data-driven, and well-researched expert has established himself as one of Sydney’s most successful buyer’s  agents.

With vast local knowledge, wide-reaching database and an extensive background in sales and customer service, Jayden has proven himself to be a tenacious negotiator who works tirelessly to secure clients a lifestyle they’ll love and a hand-picked place to create cherished memories. He also has unprecedented access to a wide array of off-market properties, which allows his clients early access into homes long before they hit the open market.

Driven by results and a “clients come first” attitude, this compassionate, loyal and ultra-hardworking buyer’s agent is leading the way in helping those who want to call Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs home. There’s no property problem he can’t solve.


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Martine Harvey

Martine is an absolute go getter who loves the fast paced nature of real estate.

With family already involved in real estate development, a move into this industry back in 2012 was a no brainer for Martine. In fact, she also treats her clients as if they are her family so you can feel confident you’re going to receive first class service from this savvy property advocate.

Not one to be daunted by the fact people rely on her to secure the biggest purchase of their lives, Martine instead looks at this role at being the ultimate matchmaker. And there is still nothing that beats the blissful feeling of satisfaction which comes from seeing the look of excitement on a client’s face when she pulls together a successful purchase.

Combined with her love of interiors and architecture, as well as the fast paced and social side of being a buyer’s agent, Martine also loves to travel. This has helped her develop a keen eye for what makes a property just a little bit extra special and is why those who entrust her with the task of finding the perfect property will have a proactive, passionate and informed buyer’s agent on their side.


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Grant Levy

Results driven and highly professional, Grant Levy thrives on helping property buyers secure the best investment or home of their dreams at the right price. A self-motivated entrepreneur and an expert in sales and negotiation, he also offers his valued clients a thorough understanding of local and national real estate trends.

Life has propelled Grant from a childhood in South Africa to eventually building, owning and running multiple successful businesses here in Australia – and he owes his momentum to developing strong relationships through transparency and trust, delivering results and a positive mindset. Today, with his elite skills, his style echoes that of a personal property broker – where a simple call can result in a tailored plan to meet your individual needs, and all with an expert hand and no-fuss attitude.

Grant always remains focused on the right results with his clients’ interests firmly in mind. He has established a solid reputation for his highly personalized service and committed approach to delivering quality outcomes.

Grant’s access to a wide network of agencies, off-market properties and proactive style will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the best opportunity, whether it be commercial or residential.

The love of the real estate market and passion for people is what drives Grant’s honest approach to forging meaningful long-term client relationships.


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Georgina Goldsworthy

Originating from Melbourne, George is a former Entrepreneurs’ Council of Australia Prize winner who possesses a lifelong passion for all things property, architecture and interior design.

Being a REIA 2022 Award Finalist and an REINSW winner of the ‘Achievement’ Award for Excellence 2021; She also holds a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Commercial Law, a Master’s of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MEI) and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), which highlights her strong work ethic, and extensive knowledge in this area.

Joining the One Buyer’s Agency team has allowed George to fulfil her aspirations and pursue her career in the property industry as a trusted buyer’s advocate.

Contact George today on 0419 824 636


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Brittany McArthur

After almost eight years in real estate, there is no other place Brittany McArthur would rather be!

Starting in the industry in 2012 as a receptionist, Brittany has worked diligently and determinedly to collaborate alongside some of the best agents in the industry. And even though she has been involved in some of the largest transactions in the country of up to $50,000,000 in value, she considers every day of her career so far to be a highlight.

Brittany is also determined to dispel the myth that buying or selling a home is a stressful process. Because if you partner with the right person, who’s working with your best interests in mind, it can instead be such a rewarding experience. Being a part of such a process and knowing what you do will make such a significant impact on her clients is extremely rewarding. That’s why she and her fellow One Buyers Agency team members are dedicated to exceeding client expectations. Together they make the purchase process in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs stress-free and all work together to secure the perfect property at the right price.

Tenacious, yet also empathetic, Brittany prides herself on her personable and professional approach to her work. She’s ready to assist with all your buyers agency needs.


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Clare Moloney

For Clare Moloney, there are no problems – only solutions. A professional operator and accomplished negotiator, Clare sees endless opportunity in every situation and knows there is always a way to make things happen if you get creative.

Starting in real estate in 2009, Clare quickly advanced from administration to property management and into sales from 2012. Her competitive and hardworking nature cemented her spot in the revered Marshall White agency in Melbourne’s prestigious Stonnington City. Eventually, she relocated to Sydney to join the elite team of one of Australia's top female agents – and now brings her impeccable work ethic and passion for success to One Buyers Agency.

Her eight years as a sales agent, spent working alongside award winning company directors, has gifted her an invaluable insight into the entire sales and negotiation process.

With her irrepressibly positive approach, establishing an instant rapport with her clients is something that comes quite naturally to Clare. She loves meeting people and developing new connections; however, it is the building of trust and long-term relationships that are her ultimate goal.


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Will Andrews

It always starts with a fascination with houses and design, and for Will Andrews, it was no different. Joining the property industry in 2017 after a management career in hospitality, he has previously worked with another Buyers Agency as a BDM as well as for a wealth management company who were focused purely on buying investment properties for clients.

This exposure to both the buyers side and investment side from his previous two positions, coupled with his strong customer service skills has all lead to this role at One Buyers Agency. Fuelled by a determination to assist clients with purchasing their perfect family home or investment property in a stress-free process, he happily adheres to the customised approach One Buyers Agency is renowned for. It’s all about quality, not quantity, and he will always ensure an unrivalled customer service experience in all he does.

Originally from Orange but having lived within Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs since 2013, Will is also committed to giving back to his local community. He’s proud to be involved with a program called Surfing The Spectrum which teaches kids aged between 4 -14 on the Autism Spectrum to surf and familiarise themselves with the ocean.

Backed by a Business Management Degree from Swinburne University and a Class 1 Real Estate License, Will is highly regarded as a personable, reliable and hard-working asset to his team members and clients.


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Michael Monteleone

For Michael, there’s no greater reward in real estate than helping people achieve their property dreams. Drawn to the industry to fuel his passion for property, he transferred his award-winning customer service skills honed in Corporate Sales and Luxury Guest Services to deliver his clients unmatched expertise and a service that is second to none.

No stranger to the industry - having spent his later school years shadowing agents and enjoying in- house job placements - it was the opportunity to join the ranks of buyer’s agents that sealed the decision to switch careers. To Michael, assisting people to thrive through property is a privilege. Managing clients and matchmaking them with the perfect property is what he does best! And while no two days are ever the same in real estate, what clients can count on with Michael is consistency. You can rely on him for exceptional service and local knowledge, while also staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

He thrives on competition and the fast-paced nature of real estate and embodies the ethos One Buyers Agency lives by – that clients come first. No matter if it takes 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months, they will never rest until the client is satisfied.

Passionate, dependable and empathetic, and a local who loves to give back to his community, Michael is your man to guide you through the buying process. For more information, contact him on 0431 511 934 or today.


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Mary Shariat

Enticed by the opportunity to connect and build relationships with people in a more meaningful way, Mary Shariat joins One Buyers Agency after a successful and illustrious career in law and compliance.

Fuelled by a passion for property, this dovetails with her warm and welcoming interpersonal skills and desire to assist clients in finding the perfect home or investment.

Drawing upon her rich experience, including her position as an Assistant Director in Risk Management at one of the Big Four professional services firms, Mary blends her technical knowledge with a skillset founded on diligence and attention to detail. Her previous work on high-profile, complex corporate transactions complements this and has prepared her well for the world of a buyer’s agent, arming her with integrity, motivation and dedication.

Professionally, Mary was recognised in the Property Council of Australia’s 500 Women in Property in 2020, while in her spare time, she is a volunteer for the Seaside Scavenge. This environmental non-profit aims to reduce waste and single-use plastics, which pose a risk to the ocean and waterways. She also holds an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Medical Science and a postgraduate JD Law degree from the University of Sydney.

For specialised service, with personalised delivery and a focus on quality, contact Mary Shariat on 0437 477 708 or via today.


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Christina James

Having worked in the real estate industry since 2014, Christina James knows one thing for certain: there’s no compromise on delivering a great customer service experience. And while she has gained experience working across multiple departments over the years, this key ingredient has always remained the same. It’s the recipe for client happiness and property success and she’s proud to uphold these principles throughout her career.

An analytical thinker who adapts to any situation with ease, Christina works tirelessly to support her team. Providing an exceptional buying experience is what One Buyers Agency do best. She’s there to motivate, unite and create a culture of growth and fun, so that the buyers agents can continue to exceeds expectations.

Christina’s love for real estate is rich and enduring. Having come from a family who owned commercial property in the Inner West, property was always a topic of conversation at the dinner table. An interest in architecture and design followed, seeing how urban spaces are used and transformed over time, before segueing into property styling. Throughout, she’s proven herself via her strong work ethic, professionalism and proactive nature.

When she’s not facilitating the operations of One Buyers Agency, you’ll find Christina giving back to her local community by promoting their businesses and events. She relishes being part of a tight-knit neighbourhood just as much as she does this agency, which is why you can count on her for caring and informed support during your buying experience. Contact Christina on 0421 491 468 or via today.